You’ve probably indulged in a shot of your favorite libation at a summertime party or on a vacation adventure. But have you given your hair the same privilege? Yes – there are shots for your hair! And rather than giving you a headache in the morning, these shots will leave your hair refreshed, shiny and strong, the perfect treatment after a summer of pool visits, beach days and sunshine.

Redken Chemistry Shots – usually just called “shots” around here – are customized treatments your Salon Dexterity stylist mixes up based on your hair’s needs (sound familiar, like your favorite talented bartender?). Each shot combines up to 3 specially formulated treatments. These shots come in a variety of “flavors” – for example, there’s a shot available to protect, reconstruct and strengthen color-treated hair. Got dry, frizzy hair that’s been zapped by the August heat? There’s a shot for that, too. And there’s even a shot for aging hair, making your summer locks more manageable as you head into the fall season. 

Deep treatment for weakened, distressed hair. Contains a concentrated dose of protein that fortifies chemically distressed hair and helps reinforce the internal fiber.

All Soft
Deep treatment for dry, brittle hair. Replenishes moisture balance in hair’s keratin for pliability and lasting suppleness, while Argan Oil delivers intense, luxurious softness.

Time Reset
An exclusive age-defying treatment to diminish the signs of aging hair with improved manageability, resilience and brilliance for younger, healthier looking hair.

Color Extend
Deep treatment for color-treated hair. UVA and UVB filters help protect haircolor against fading, while Ceramide helps reconstruct and strengthen hair condition.

Real Control
Deep treatment for dense, dry, sensitized hair. Shea Butter provides smoothness and controls frizz, while Ceramide strengthens and protects hair.

Smooth Lock
Deep treatment provides smoothness, deep conditioning and heat protection to restore very dry, unruly hair types with improved manageability, frizz-free smoothness and shine.

With this wide variety of options, shots are a simple way to add life to hair that isn’t feeling so lively for one reason or another. You can add a Chemistry Shot at the shampoo bowl easily, and it only takes about 7 minutes to take effect. The best part - it lasts for several weeks, depending on your hair’s needs and how often you shampoo. So, come do a shot with us!