Have your summer highlights faded into a brassy look that doesn’t make you want to strut your stuff? Do you have damaged hair that needs some love? We’ve heard all of these issues before, and we know exactly how to solve them: with a simple, quick gloss treatment at Salon Dexterity.

Gloss is commonly known as “the color that thinks it’s a conditioner.” It takes the perks of both of these treatments and rolls them into one beautiful tool for strong, beautiful summer hair. Glosses are demi-permanent, using no ammonia and a low-volume peroxide to bring the luster back to dull, faded hair. And, a gloss treatment will do more than add shine. It closes the cuticle of the hair, which repairs damage, leaves it smooth to the touch and protects it against future damage. You’re left with hair that looks healthy – and glossy, of course – for your August vacation plans.

If chlorine pools have played a major role in your summer fun or if you’re simply looking to protect your hair from damage, a gloss is the perfect treatment for you. The quick 20 minute process will last from 4-6 weeks, getting you out of the salon chair and back to summer fun before you know it.